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Smart Lock - Smart Board Lock Software

Smart Lock is the best free software to secure your smart boards.

This software project has been stopped. Thanks for your support.
Our smart boards are now very simple to manage.
Project Stopped
Smart board management software


With Smart Lock, you are not only connected to USB.

  • USB login
  • Login with QR Code
  • Login with password
  • Login with touch password
  • Disruption of USBs or USB ports will not affect you!


The primary goal of the lock software is to take security into consideration and we do many checks very quickly while logging in. This way, malicious people cannot gain control for you!

Reports and Statistics.

You can filter and get a lot of reports like who are logged in when, what are the users and their information. Also, all these processes take just seconds and are free.

Remote control.

Thanks to the management software, you can see all devices opened by users. You can also lock these devices via the management software and see who logged in and when.

Mobile Software.

With the mobile software that users can download for free, you can perform QR Code, Password and Touch Password transactions very quickly. So you don't have to worry about your USB getting infected or worn out!

Smart Board Lock

Smart boards have large touch screens and no keyboard and mouse; It causes the password to be learned easily while entering the password. Unnecessary and misuse of this technology may occur in the use without password.

Our aim in this project; It is the investigation of whether it is possible to prevent unauthorized use of smart boards, storage to report login information, and provide information-software security and control by using different methods.

Similar programs in the market have been examined; It has been observed that software with similar purposes only allows access via USB. Continuous use of USB memory has worn out the USB slots of smart boards and often these software cannot open the board in case the USB's are infected.

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