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Tusunami Çekiliş Programı, fast and secure giveaway software.

Tusunami Çekiliş Programı is the raffle program that allows you to make all kinds of giveaways.

It's free and you can also register your giveaways!
Making offline raffles is easy with this software.
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Free Windows application for making fast draws

Very useful.

With the Tusunami Cekilis Program, you can make draws by number or by name. You can quickly separate backup and noble records, add more than one person and increase their rights!


As in all our software, speed is the most important factor for us in the giveaway software. The lottery program has been updated and optimized until the 4th version so that you can make your draws in the fastest way possible.

Save and Open.

After making your draws in the giveaway software, you can record both the lists and the results of the lottery with one click. In addition, detailed date information, participants and winners are listed separately in the draw results. You can restore these records and quickly make the same draw over and over again.

Visual Software.

We thought that looking good on the eye while doing its job is also an important factor and we visualized the software in a way that is as confusing as possible. In addition, the names are eliminated during the time you set while drawing in the qualifying mode and there is excitement in the ranking of the winners.

Mass Input.

With the feature of mass importing, you can add participants you copied from anywhere to the software by simply saying paste, instead of entering individual records.

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