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Servishane Technical Service Software.

Makes technical services easier.

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Technical Service Automation

Servishane Technical Service Software is preferred by technical services!

Start by seeing the details of your company.

  • Statistical data on the main screen
  • Future work and plans
  • Your staff job status
  • Your works pending approval
  • Your active business demands

Register your customers easily.

  • Fast customer registration
  • Seeing customer income and expenses
  • Sending Mail and SMS
  • Seeing old records
  • Fast payment

Your warehouses are just a click away.

  • Postpaid - dispatched product receipt
  • Inter-warehouse shipment
  • Unlimited warehouse
  • Warehouse count statistics
  • Scrap - return material issue
  • Minus stock warning

Creating a barcode.

  • Registering products with your own stock code
  • Creating barcodes for products
  • Fast transaction with barcode reader
  • Seeing product details with QR Code

Your accounting is under your control.

  • Easy income and expense entry
  • Unlimited cash and bank saving
  • Making transactions with check-promissory notes
  • Determining different currency types
  • Immediate notification of the transactions made as SMS
  • Submission of daily cash reports
  • Debiting and credit customers

See your work on the map, plan comfortably.

  • Seeing incoming jobs on the map
  • Direct job assignment on the map
  • Automatic sorting by distance
  • Seeing the details on the map screen

Stop being forgotten with the warning system.

  • Warning system for delayed works
  • Notice when new requests come
  • Priority service assignment

Take control of your vehicles.

  • Personnel GPS tracking
  • Vehicle entrance and exit KM information
  • In-car product list
  • Vehicle fuel control

Staff payments are under control.

  • Add unlimited staff
  • Determining salary for staff
  • Receiving personnel statistics
  • Personnel scoring
  • Staff application of the month
  • Input output data
  • Online personnel tracking

All reports are in front of you.

  • Personnel reports
  • Cash reports
  • Warehouse reports
  • Business reports
  • Years of business reports
  • Spare parts request reports

Establish a business partnership.

  • Business partnership with hundreds of services
  • Personnel supports
  • Sharing work surplus
  • Getting work from the pool system
  • Directing the jobs you choose
  • Creating a tender

Publish on the Internet, sell your products easily.

  • Publish the products you want on the website
  • Quickly access technical documents
  • See the status of other services by searching for spare parts
  • Bid on the needs lists sell your products

Fast service with mobile application.

  • Adding unlimited users
  • Active works with Android application
  • Close assigned jobs quickly
  • Upload images
  • Printing from the printer
  • Sending mail
  • Seeing from the map
  • See all jobs

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We are always with you.

We are just a phone call away with our support service.

  • Virtual support
  • Whatsapp, Telegram and SMS Support
  • Mail support
  • There is always a point where you can reach us 🙂
  • We instantly connect to your computer with remote assistance
  • YouTube audio user guide videos
  • Online and offline user guides


We meet your needs professionally in the fastest way possible.

  • Aydemirler Yazılım Isıtma Soğutma Sis. San. LTD. ŞTİ.
  • We deliver your bill instantly
  • If you don't like it, we will refund your money within 1 month
  • We make a price offer and discount on your bulk purchases
  • We see it as our mission to always make our users happy