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Library Tracking ProgramLibrary AutomationEasy-to-use automation software that developed for libraries.Download Now
Smart LockSmart Board LockSmart board control and management software.Stopeed
Servishane Technical Service ProgramServishane Technical Service ProgramServishane Technical Service ProgramGo to the Site

Giveaway Systems

Giveaway WebsiteInstant Giveaway WebsiteThe fastest giveaway site with advanced features.Go to the Site
Giveaway SoftwareGiveaway AutomationGiveaway software that running on Window operating system.Download Now


QR Code GeneratorSquare Code GeneratorCreates a qr code in the desired shape and colors.Stopeed
AuthenticatorT.C. Identity VerifierChecks entered Turkish ID corret or not.Stopeed

Countdown Tools

YGS-LYS-DGS CountdownExam Countdown ToolExam date countdown tool for YGS-LYS-DGS exams.Stopeed
School CounterCountdown Tool for schoolsVacation Countdown Tool for schools.Stopeed