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You can easily draw with the Tusunami Cekilis Program. With Torpilli or Normal options, the pleasure of making torpedoes to your friend is waiting for you. You can easily make your draws using either the elimination method or random management. If you want, you can add as many participants as you want with the number of participants and make as many winners as you want.

Tusunami lottery program was designed and coded completely from scratch with 4.0. However, it had brand new features. You no longer have to have a single winner in each draw. With the Prime and Reserve system, you can have many winners at once. In addition, thanks to Batch Registration, you can add the list you have created on different platforms in bulk instead of entering them one by one. If you are using the sifting method, you can also adjust the sifting speed according to yourself. The problematic screenshot tool and the automatic update tool were removed and coded from scratch, in the same way, the problematic open, save, save, and new ones were added. And finally, at the end of the draw, you will be able to record the detailed breakdown of your draw ..!