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Make Giveaway with CekilisAdam is a website developed for you to make giveaways. With our Tusunami Cekilis Program series, you can download the software and make raffles with detailed features and thousands of users are actively using it. In addition, we wanted to have a page where you can make your lotteries instantly and we created this website for you. You go right in and have a draw.

Ease of use and simplicity are given importance on the site. So enter and draw in seconds and get the result. In addition, you can make the draw that works for you with different modes. The sweepstakes made are completely random, there is no cheating. We also added a copy and paste feature so you don't have to manually enter your lists one by one. Thus, ready excel, pdf, word, txt etc. You can copy and paste your lottery lists from your files. Use our site and draw with different modes.

Quick Giveaway

This type of draw is generally preferred if one or more winners are desired, as well as substitute winners. When drawing, first names are entered in the list, one name per line. Then how many people will win is written in the box. If substitute participants are also desired, the box is ticked. After clicking the button, the winners and, if any, reserve winners will be listed instantly.

Cool Giveaway

This type is used mostly for visual and exciting draws. The number of winners in the draw is only 1 person. The names of the participants are added as only one person per line, and the list is saved with save list. It is then launched. Names will start rotating when launched. Names that return with Stop will begin to slow down and eventually stop. The name we face when it stops is our winner. Names can be returned in the same way as start again, without the need to add a list again.