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Frequently asked Questions

What is the BESOTED assurance?
Besoted is a platform established by White goods electronics and Refrigeration technicians. The aim of the platform is to provide faster and higher quality service by carrying technical services to the digital world. As your addressee in any problem, the association management solves your problems.
What is the Content of the Technical Service Program?
The program, which has been prepared completely by consulting technicians, has been prepared to respond to all requests and be user-friendly. This system has been prepared by the association.
Why is membership paid?
Registration in the Besoted system is free. However, software is needed in order to be able to follow up and to protect the network between services. Even without software costs, a large storage area is rented to protect all the jobs, pictures and other files you enter into the system. Annual fees for this storage area are covered by the users. In this way, all your data and technical documents remain in your system for years.
What if I leave the system after a while?
For example, you stayed in the system for 3 years and then decided to leave. In this case, all your data is given to you as documents that you can download. And you can easily transfer this data to other platforms. Even if you leave the membership, your customers can enter with their own passwords at any time and see their previously made devices and continue to benefit from the rights you have given them. In this way, you will not fall into a negative situation for the customer.
What if we don't renew membership?
Membership periods are determined annually. However, anyone who wishes can purchase a membership for up to 10 years. If somehow membership renewal is forgotten, the system continues to be kept open by sending a warning message for you. If there is no renewal within the given additional process, your information entry to the system will stop, but you can continue to access all your information since your membership is active.
What is Servishane?
Servishane is a licensed brand of Besoted. The Servishane does not go to business demands. The service center only distributes online business requests among the services. It performs controls, measures field performances and inspects customer satisfaction.
What is the tender system?
The tender system is the process of selling the works that exist in your own network to other services at the numbers you determine. For example, you have taken 100 air conditioner installation work in a building and there is a situation that you cannot complete this job because your technical team is intense. In this case, you open the job to tender. And you put the name of the job, its nature, cost, etc. into the system. Other services do this and offer you based on the number you give or by entering a different number. The service shop prepares a bilateral contract on your behalf. The two parties sign this contract online and the business is started.
What is Technical Document Sharing?
Each technical service enters into the system the products and product information of the devices they repair in their field. In addition, if technical documents related to these products are uploaded to the system and the person who uploaded them has shared this information, other services can access these technical documents and create a common pool. If the person has disabled information sharing, the information is not visible to anyone else and cannot see the information and documents uploaded by other services.