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Instagram Giveaway Tool

The source code you entered was incorrect, follow the steps again. If it still isn't happening, Instagram may have changed something in its structure.

How to do?

Unfortunately, we cannot support you in the use of this free tool as kodvizit. You should follow the steps below carefully. It may be a little confusing when you do it for the first time, but you'll realize it's actually a very simple process 😊

1Open the Chrome or Firefox internet browser on your computer and and open your page.
2Open the page of your post where you want your followers to comment. Click the + (load more comments) icon until all comments appear.
3This part is important ! On the top left side of your own comment , the space slightly below your profile photo right click. Click Review or Inspect Item from the options that open.
4If you chose it correctly on the page that opens, a line starting with div will be selected. Find the line that begins with ul from the lines above that line. If you right clicked on the right place in step 3, you will be able to find it approximately 4 lines above the selected line.
5Right click on the line that starts with ul . Click Copy>Copy outerHTML
6Paste with CTRL+V or right click and paste into the large text box we added at the top. Congratulations, you can now make the settings you want from the bottom and bring up the usernames!