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You can use your barcode reader and add your barcodes immediately. When shopping for books, you can scan the barcode and take action immediately. We also have a surprise for you! If you have the internet and the barcode of that book is registered on our servers, all the information will be filled in on its own.


In the first installation to your database that there may be books that you cannot find with barcodes on our servers: 1000 ready-made books (including the most read authors), 60 ready-made book types, 255 publishing houses, 100 authors are added to your library program as ready-made, just write your initials and click ENTER. press remains!


You can get many types of reports. You can either export it to Excel, print it or save it as a PDF while printing! We have kept our report scale very wide and we will continue to expand it to the extent you want, and you will receive any report you want!


Enter our data transfer wizard, download the template you want, make your records on that template and return the template to the program. The library program will show you the data you want and transfer it if you accept, in seconds!


Do you have multiple staff in your library? For example, you are in a school and you don't find it logical for students to have full powers? Then you can give as many different authorizations as you want by using our library program! In this way, each user will be responsible for his / her own department and things will not be mixed up, and each user's action is recorded in the library program.


To make the books in your library more organized, you can create your own barcodes apart from the barcodes on them. To do this, simply go to the barcode printing section in the library program and select how many barcodes you want to print. TKT 2 will print as many barcodes for you as you want and will also record the last barcode printed.


We know the value of your data and we cannot afford to lose your data due to mistakes that users may make or natural situations. For this reason, we attach importance to backing up, and if you want, we take your backups with automatic backup whenever the program is closed. You can restore from the restore section or manually whenever you want. If you want to make a backup manually, not automatically, we also have that option!


If you wish, you can allocate a certain fee per day of delay from members who delay books. The fee you set in this system is deducted when the book arrives, and if you wish, you can take a certain part of the fee, such as credit, and then receive the whole. You can open the cash desk and use the debt-credit system in detail!


We have added a mobile phone compartment so you can send an SMS to the reader add section and the option to add a photo from your webcam or your computer. So when the reader arrives, you can take a picture of it instantly. In addition, the library program reduces the size of the image and tries to prevent your database from bloating.


If you are in a school, it means that many students will skip the year when the year ends. In the old version of TKT, you had to do this one by one hand, but now you can move up all students' classes in seconds, and add graduates to the senior class. If you made a mistake, you can undo it with the drop class. In this way, we aim to save you trouble.


If the books given to the reader return to your library in a lost or damaged form, they can save this in the database while receiving the book. Later, when this reader wants to buy a book again, you can be warned that so many books have been brought in as lost and damaged before submitting the book. If you think you will encounter such a situation again, you can stop giving the book.


The most important thing for Tusunami Library Tracking is time. We give you instant reader registration system as well as data transfer wizard to save you time You don't need to register the readers in advance anymore, just select the book as soon as the reader arrives and fill in the 3 boxes. In addition, if you want, you will be able to enter other information easily. Besides, by right clicking on the book name or reader name on the book submission screen, you will be able to see who has read this book or what this reader has done without giving the book in a single click.