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Frequently asked Questions

Do the prices mentioned above include VAT?
Prices do not include VAT. 18% VAT fee will be included in the purchase phase.
How do I purchase a license and activate the license I purchased?
We have a detailed video about the license activation process after the purchase and you can watch it by clicking here.
Will my data be deleted if my license expires?
Your data is safely stored on your computer or in the backups you have taken. Your data will not change when your license expires. You can purchase a license again and continue using it where you left off.
Will I have to pay an extra fee for updates and other services?
Except for the above fees, you will not pay any fees such as update fees. As the update is released, you will be able to automatically download it for free.
Can I return the software?
Yes, you can within our Return and Delivery Terms. If you give up using the program within 1 (one) month, online activation will be canceled and a refund will be made within 7 working days at the latest.
How will my invoice be sent?
Unless you specify otherwise, your invoices created with the information you entered at the time of purchase will be sent to the e-mail address you provided. You can print and use this invoice.
What is the support service?
When you encounter a problem while using the library program, we provide support services to quickly resolve them. It periodically publishes updates for problems and improvements within the Library Program. You do not need support service to receive these updates.
How long is the support service valid?
If you have a term license, you can get support until your license expires. If you have purchased an unlimited license, our free support period is 2 (two) years. When your support period is over, you need to obtain a term license and extend your support period. Some of our packages also have the option of not receiving support services.